Saturday, May 2, 2009, 11:46 PM
so its been a while since my last blog. my bads. i was just caught up with other... stuff. just the other day i actually lost it and starting bitching at a customer. long story short, he stormed off ranting. but yeah anyhow, ill try to update moar

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Monday, April 27, 2009, 9:26 PM
sigh... ignorant people make me sad
props to tina for the layout :D

yeah... today was such a nice day. weather was perfect; not a cloud in the sky. hot enough to want ice cream, but cool enough to not bathe in sweat. AND I WAS INDOORS WORKING BEHIND A REGISTER, FML.

anyways. today there was an old lady who took like 20 mins to buy a pack of cigs, and a can of tuna. TWENTY. 2-0. *plop* onto the counter, everything going smooth, then suddenly she says she'll pay by debit. debit? not a problem...

swipe: check
enter amount: check.
wait for pin entry: check.
"request declined: insufficient funds"
*insert short wtf moment here*

... so i gave her card back to her and simply said that her account didnt have enough money. what does she do? gives the same card back to me and tells me to do it again. i started to explain to her that there was no money, when suddenly she cuts me off by demanding that she'll use her other account. puzzled and annoyed at the negative tone of her voice, i swipe, enter amount, blah blah blah.
then what do you know. it WORKED.
of course i realized at that moment what had happened. as everyone knows, there is 1 card per account. it just so happens that the lady had selected the wrong type of account on the pinpad, so she technically didnt have a "second" account as she claimed. knowing this, i had to sit through her rant about young kids thinking that the older generation were stupid and helpless. so after her "i told you so" conclusion, i shoot her a dirty look and she leaves with a *hmph*. she could have saved me the bad mood by admitting she made a mistake and selected the wrong account. luckily, the rest of the day went pretty good, except for some dude who put like 6 cans of juice, a bottle of water, a bottle of pop, a lighter, a bottle of ginseng, another bottle of pop, and a half-smoked cigarette on the counter. after 2 mins of thrifting through his pockets, he says "ill brb with my card", only to never show up again. just a minor annoyance, however.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009, 2:03 AM
yo. andy here. my first blog :D anyhoo...

nothing much happened today. save for a run in with a lady who didnt know how to use a lottery ticket scanner. i mean, how hard is it to hold the ticket with the bar-code facing up and stick it into the scanner? she also had difficulty working with the ATM.... sometimes i wonder if people are retarded, or just plain ignorant. i mean, all one needs to do is take a step back, and assess the situation. some people out there just thrive on instant gratification, hence they automatically assume that a machine will carry out its designated task regardless of human error. they expect wayyy too much from a chunk of metal and plastic.

now that i think of it, a lot of things did happen... for instance there's this one old guy who always comes in every saturday afternoon and rents a movie, makes small talk about how good the weather is (even if its pouring with thunder as loud as elephants rolling down a flight of stairs). there are two things that really confuse me. first, he always tells me to hold onto the movie and that he'll be back later to pick it up. no problem here, except i wonder why he couldnt just put it in his jacket pocket or the plastic bag that i would happily give him. secondly, when he makes small talk, its not actually small talk. its more like.... one-way talk. ive tried many times before, but everytime i tried to communicate, its like he doesnt even hear me. maybe he's a windbag? maybe he's just crazy. considering the neighbourhood around my store, i wouldnt be surprised at the latter

oh yeah. theres one other perverted old dude that comes around often. he likes to riffle through one particular local newspaper at the stand to look at the featured model of a photo shoot the paper likes to do. he would only buy the paper if the girl was attractive to him. the problem here? HE SMELLS LIKE SOUR SWEAT BLENDED WITH FECES AND URINE. ill probably be saying this a lot, but my can of air freshener is my best friend.
if you want to know what its like working at a convenience store, go rent and watch kevin smith's "Clerks"; all the examples in that movie happen very, VERY often.

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